Yoga Classes

“Doing yoga with you this year has been so fulfilling for us all. Good for the mind, body & soul. So thank you for bringing this into our lives – we feel amazing for it” – Amber, Holly & Annette

If you are:

  • New to yoga
  • Too busy to get to a yoga class
  • Feel uncomfortable in a group environment
  • Wanting to deepen your existing yoga practice
  • Recovering from injury
  • Special needs such as stress management, anxiety or depression
  • Need a therapy based approach – such as fertility, pregnancy or postnatal yoga or alternative therapy to a medical condition

Traditionally yoga was taught one to one. The benefit of a private one-on-one session is that individual approach. A private yoga class allows the teacher to cater to your personal needs, carefully designing an individual practice for a more therapeutic experience.

Private classes are the most effective way to improve your practice or learn from the beginning. It is also a great way to get an introduction to yoga if you feel intimidated or need assistance easing into larger group classes. We can help guide individuals, couples or small groups and can adapt to meet your individual needs.

Our Private Yoga classes are:

Single class: $115.00

Prepay 6 Classes: $570

Note: You may be eligible for a rebate from your private health insurance provider.

Prenatal Yoga

At a time when you may feel tired, moody, nauseous and out of control, a regular prenatal class can give you the energy to enjoy your pregnancy, the serenity to build a deeper intimacy with your own body and spirit and also the presence of mind to expect the unexpected and be fully present for the miracle of birth.

Prenatal yoga can also prepare the body for the journey ahead. Would you run a marathon without training first? The same can be said for pregnancy. It is important not only to ready the body for changes that may occur during pregnancy, but prepare for labour, birth and postnatal recovery.

Prenatal yoga will help to strengthen muscles and improve endurance for labour, open the hips and pelvic area for birth and provide greater control of the pelvic floor muscles, which is essential for both birth and postnatal recovery. In addition to these physical benefits, greater awareness and control of the breath is invaluable during the process of labour. Not only will this help you to cope with painful contractions, but the affect emotionally will allow you to be more relaxed.

The more relaxed you can be, the more your muscles are able to let go and the faster the process can occur, allowing for a more satisfying experience.

The added bonus of a prenatal group class is knowing that you are not alone. Sharing stories and asking questions in a comfortable and warm environment is all about the learning process.

Restore Your Core (Postnatal) Yoga

Hello, new mama!

You’ve gone through some BIG changes in the last year, and not just to your waistline.


– Babies are adorable (and yes, yours even more so than the rest!)

– You may never sleep in again.

– The human body is pretty amazing – you created new life, remember?! – but it can’t snap back to its pre-pregnancy shape without you.

Once the nine-month chapter is over, your new life begins. And it can be one hell of a confusing, scary, emotional rollercoaster.

Restore your Core (postnatal) yoga classes can help you to overcome anxiety and stress while simultaneously toning and strengthening your body.

With regular practice you will:

– Regain strength to your core and teach those pelvic floor muscles who’s boss;

– Feel stronger, more in control and equipped to handle any amount of reflux, wet nappies and crying the day can throw at you;

– Steal back some ‘me’ time and discover how ten minutes of shavasana can be better than a full-night’s sleep; and

– Realise you’re not alone.

This is for the time poor. The weary. The frustrated. The balance-seekers.

It’s for you – whether you prefer to work one-on-one, with a friend or your entire mothers’ group.

And it’s more supportive and confidence boosting than a good pair of Spanx.

The details:

Prices start at $85 per class for up to 8 people (when prepaying for 10 classes).

$115 – single class*

$570 – 6 classes prepaid

Classes run for 60 mins (allow an extra 15 mins for first class).

*Recommend minimum 6 classes.

The pregnant pause is over. Get started today and restore your core!

Our Private Yoga classes are:

Single class: $115.00

Prepay 6 Classes: $570

Note: You may be eligible for a rebate from your private health insurance provider.