There is no Magic Pill

There are no shortcuts to healing, to learning, to evolving. There’s a reason it’s often referred to as ‘doing the work’.

I hear it ALL of the time, from family, friends and in the general community. “Oh I tried ………. once and it didn’t work.” Well I’ve got a fair bit to say about that actually.

  1. Maybe you’re right – maybe that modality or practitioner isn’t for you BUT that doesn’t mean it does not work.
  2. How much did you invest? I’m not just talking about financially – but also of your time, your Self? I’m going to refer back to the Magic Pill here. We are lead to believe, particularly in western, developed parts of the world, that if something goes wrong, you go see a doctor (or the pharmacy) and they give you medicine and you’re all better now, thank you very much. This is often the case for mental health too. Now I’m not discounting western medicine, it most certainly has it’s place – but it is in no way Holistic, and very rarely does it look at the cause of your issue. (Also – you really should have a good look at the side affects on those little inserts, you might be a little unpleasantly surprised).
  3. It takes time. Sometimes a lot of time. Sometimes more than one modality or practitioner to get to the root of an issue. Sometimes you need a whole support team. Sometimes it feels as though the ‘work’ is never-ending.
  4. How committed are you to change? (I’m just going to let you sit with that one)

So let’s talk specifically about the modalities I know best and have been the most profound for me:

Yoga, after close to 19 years of practice, it still amazes me, how it affects me on so many levels. I also notice now, that when I have time away from my practice, it is always, ALWAYS because I am avoiding doing the work, Regardless of the excuses I tell myself, sometimes I have ALL of the excuses, but – truth is I am in avoidance. Avoiding what? FEELING. When I don’t want to feel…I start spending time away from my yoga mat. So yes, yoga does for me everything that you have ever heard it does – keeps my body fit, strong, supple – keeps my mind clear and centred – but mostly, it keeps me connected. Do I always enjoy the process? No. Do I always get what I need? Yes.

My Kinesiology journey has been an interesting one. I first started having sessions because I wanted to do work on myself around my relationship….kinda wanting to make myself happy with the choices I had made, to fix all of the things that were clearly wrong with me – because on the surface, my life looked great! And it was about 6 years of regular sessions, and then my decision to study to become a practitioner, so now I give myself self balances AS WELL as have balances with my kinesiologist. I have had a lot of kinesiology sessions. A lot. Am I fixed? Are my problems solved? Well….no…and yes. It turns out I’m not broken – and therefore do not require fixing. But has happened is that my life has changed, I have changed – and that’s a good thing! I’m pretty happy with who I am and where I am at, yes that’s right – I kinda LIKE MYSELF these days. But it’s still a work in progress, right? Right.

Liquid Crystals now – because they are my favourite modality by far and an absolute gift from their re-creator, Justin Moikeha Asar. I’ve been working with the Liquid Crystals personally for almost two years, not a very long time in the scheme of things, but long enough to know that they are the most holistic, change making modality I have ever come across. Of the 77 Liquid Crystals, there are several that I have worked with repeatedly (and plenty that I have not sampled yet at all), sometimes consecutively (I’m calling 2016 the year of Black Tourmaline) and at other times when I hear them call me, because just like with the yoga, the kinesiology – any self work for that matter – there are layers. So many layers.

So. There is no Magic Pill. The Magic, is in the diving deep, uncovering, peeling back, embracing all of the parts of ourselves, the realisation that no, we arenotbroken/donotneedfixing. The magick is in the loving, the forgiving, the surrendering, the connecting. This is the Magick. No pills, not shortcuts. Just Magick.



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