Soothing Anxiety – Daily Practice

This morning I woke up with more than a little anxiety. I’d had a stressful weekend, which involved a lot of time sitting at my desk, and not enough sleep (and perhaps a bit too much coffee).

Often when I find myself feeling this way (which is not that often these days thankfully) I would mentally, energetically, check out. I would top that with numbing myself with food or social media….or both.

Today I made the choice to stay present. To really examine what was going on – what were my thoughts? What were my physical sensations? And what tools did I have to help with those?

What I came up with was this:
-5 minutes of gentle yoga
-Dry Skin Brushing
-EFT Tapping
-5 minutes journaling*
-Mini kinesiology balance on myself

It took me about 30mins total and felt so much better that I’ve decided to make it a daily practice.

So, why I would make this something I do every day, rather than just using the tools in times of need? Well, there’s a couple of reasons really – firstly, today’s anxiety didn’t just appear, it took time, building in layers, and I ignored all of the signs. So in the end my nervous system yelled “Hey! I’m not okay over here!” until I did something about it. Did I ‘fix’ weeks worth of build up in 30mins? No way. It took the edge off, for sure. But for lasting results, it will take maybe just as much time to restore as it did to deplete my reserves.

That is how healing works. There are no quick fixes. There are no magic pills. You have to be an active participant, you have to be willing to make changes.

Start small. Be consistent.

With Love and Gratitude


*Tip: I grabbed two new notebooks here – One I named ‘Love it” and the other I named “Dump it”. This way I get to clear my mind of all of the negative self talk, anything that made me unhappy or stressed – as well as somewhere to write all of the things I’m grateful for.

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