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Hey Beautiful Soul,

This is not technically someone’s question, but I’m sneaking it in because a) how stunning is Sapphire? and b) it’s a big component of the upcoming Sacred Truth Immersion. So here’s this week’s Crystal Healing Q and A! (It’s true that I made this question up, but I know you’re all dying to know the answer!)

What is Sapphire’s super power?

All crystals have a simple purpose, and Sapphire’s is Spiritual Truth.

Perhaps one of the most recognised gemstones on Earth, Sapphire is sacred in many ancient cultures. Sapphire carries one of the most peaceful and calming energies in all the mineral kingdom, enabling a feeling of Freedom. Sapphire helps us to convert knowledge to wisdom, a gift it performs anchoring absolute truth without ego. Working with this stone brings awareness of your life purpose which may present itself in such a way that a path to achieving it is made clear.

Love as thought it truth; truth at the level of spirit is unconditional love. The measure of truth starts within the self, if you are right within, you will be right in the world.

Sapphire is an important stone of Lady Isis, the embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

A powerful anti depressive, calming and balancing of overactive body systems – especially useful for the digestive and circulatory systems.

Totem animal is Elephant (because it has a strong memory regarding healing systems and techniques from times past on Earth).

Sapphire loves German Chamomile essential oil.

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