Resistance and Surrender

IMG_2595For a lot of reasons, and many more excuses, I haven’t attended a yoga class for months. Really. In fact I can’t even remember when it was or who the teacher was at the last class.

I’ve been practicing at home, 10 minutes at a time mostly, sometimes more, sometimes I wouldn’t fit that in for days…..or longer.

And I suffered for it.

In fact I’d fallen so out of love with my practice that I was losing my love of teaching. Truth.

Months ago, I found out that one of my favourite teachers was returning to Melbourne – and I was excited.

And then….well I came up with an awesome system of “I’ll go if’s” which included fitting in with my Kinesiology school schedule, babysitting, having the funds etc. (These were just the big ones) In the end, I finally committed the night before!┬áSo. Much. Resistance.

So this morning, sitting on my mat at the beginning of the opening practice, bringing my hands together in front of my heart, my eyes started leaking. Everything that I had been trying not to feel, started bubbling to the surface. So right there, I made the decision to dedicate the five day immersion to surrender.

To surrender to whatever thoughts and emotions come up.
To surrender and trust my intuition.
To surrender and act on my soul guidance.

How do you hold your self back, and how does it feel for you when you surrender?

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