Past Life Exploration Workshop

Have you ever met anyone and felt an instant connection? Felt like you’ve known them forever?
It’s highly likely that you have a past life connection with them, often more than one past life connection (I know, right?!)
Well how would you like to be able to have a glimpse of those past life connections? I’ve found it not only super interesting and to be honest very cool, but also helpful and useful, especially if those current life connections are not all rainbows and butterflies!

What better time than on the day of the August Full Moon than to shine a light on why we have a certain connection, or relationship with a person, even better, the moon enters Pisces the sign of endings and transitions, so no better time to surrender and release suffering and honour what IS.

Where: Mount Waverley
When: Sunday 30th August
Time: 3:00pm – 6:00pm
Fee: $50
Tea and snacks included


A preview:
Let’s just get something straight from the beginning – This is NOT a past life regression, this is NOT hypnotherapy (or any other kind of therapy for that matter). No tricks, no smoke and mirrors. Some magic? Maybe.

We will be working with The Liquid Crystals. You will have chosen a person that you want to explore your past life connection with. How to choose just one person – I know this can be a tough one – I personally would choose the first person that comes to mind, whether they be the person that pushes your buttons on a regular basis or the person that you love deeply (and yes, sometimes they are the same person!)

Together we will create an altar, your personal contribution to the sacred space. I will guide you through the afternoon from discussion, some reflection – journaling and doodling – before I eventually lead you into a meditation.