January Oracle Crystal Grid Reading


Happy January!

Here is the first of the detailed 12 monthly readings from our 12 month forecast.
You can read about the overall theme for 2015 here.

Mother Goddess
The Goddess is at your door, it is time to open your heart and feel. It is time to truthfully open your heart and feel. Moonstone teaches the path of the Goddess through the emotional body. She soothes and heals emotions by bringing them under the soul’s control. This delivers an understanding of the cyclical nature of all things which activates non-attachment and freedom of expression.
Keywords: Mother Goddess, Divine Feminine, Emotions, The Moon, Lunar Energy, The Ocean, Cycles of Life, Crying, Emotional Release, Surrender, Compassion

Is serene a word you would use to describe the way you’ve been feeling? It’s a tricky one isn’t it? Serenity is something that we often think of as being outside of ourselves, and yes it’s true that being in a beautiful, peaceful location can help bring a feeling of serenity (want tips on creating your own sacred space? sign up for our newsletter here!) but ultimately, that feeling comes from within. Yoga and meditation are awesome tools to help cultivate your inner serenity!

LAKA (Hula Goddess)
Laka teaches us that tapping into inspiration, energy and growth requires connection, balance of male and female, openness, and a special place to work from. Sometimes, the most important work you can do is provide a space for the muse to enter.

Don’t forget to check the overall theme for 2015 here.



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