How this all came about (Part I)

I remember about half way through my pregnancy I was preparing for a staff meeting with the teachers at the yoga studio I then owned. The word Goddess ended up in my note book. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with it or do about it. I mentioned this during the meeting, my loose thoughts were around some kind of workshop. I really had no idea as it all seemed a bit foreign to me – not something I would normally have been drawn to…..

Fast forward to the first classes I started teaching after the birth of my little Grace – Prenatal Yoga. It was not something I had enjoyed teaching before and only took it on out of necessity as I couldn’t find anyone else available. And then a couple of things happened. Firstly I kept hearing from many of these gorgeous mamas that they were terrified of giving birth and that they didn’t really feel that they would be in control of their bodies. Secondly – I now LOVED teaching prenatal yoga!

Somewhere between falling pregnant and then connecting with mamas and mamas in the making, I found that I felt a real affinity for these women. I felt that through my own experience of knowing NOTHING in the beginning and just having my mind blown totally open by a couple of very special ladies from Maternal Instincts that happened to appear in my life at just the right time, which lead me to do some of my own research and reading, that I could help mamas, I could support them on their journey. Teach them to trust themselves; their bodies and their intuition and also hold space for them to be OK with whatever transpires.


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