#fillyourcup 7/21 Day Challenge








Day 7  of our 21 Day #fillyourcup Challenge, this is a big one – sleep.

How much sleep do you get? Do you feel it’s enough? Do you feel refreshed in the morning? Do you start to run out of steam around 3pm?

I would say that sleep is the most important aspect of your life more important than the food you eat. In fact, when you are getting enough, good quality sleep, the food sorts itself out. Have you noticed that when you’re tired you tend to reach for the high sugar, convenient snacks, but when you’re well rested, your eating habits are naturally healthier. In fact our decision making in general is better when we are well rested.

My tips? In bed by 10pm each night, sleep-ins and naps when you can too. Make sure your bedroom is tidy, uncluttered and TV free – and on that note, have at least 15 mins screen free time before bed, try gentle stretches, meditating or journaling instead.

Sweet dreams,
Maryane x

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