#fillyourcup 5/21 Day Challenge








Day 5  of our 21 Day #fillyourcup Challenge might just be my favourite, because it feels like a luxury, pure pleasure.

How often do you take a bath? On your own?

Not only does a bath help relieve muscle aches and pains, depending on what you put into it, it can help detox and remineralise your body.

I love to light a bunch of candles, play some relaxing music, read a little or sometimes just close my eyes and be there, in the moment, allowing my senses of touch and smell and hearing to be heightened. Make it a completely sensual experience.

While bubbles are fun, my absolute favourite things to add to a bath are: coconut oil (your skin will feel ahhhhmazing) epsom salt, sea salt, a dash of ginger, and a squeeze of lemon. Gorgeous, soothing, uplifting, cleansing, and did I mention luscious?

Don’t have a bath? A foot bath, not fancy equipment required – all you need is a bucket.

Maryane x

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