#fillyourcup 4/21 Day Challenge

day 4








It’s the fourth day of our 21 Day #fillyourcup Challenge. How are you going so far? Pretty simple stuff, right?

We’re filling our cup in a less obvious way today, Space Clearing.

Why have I included this as part of the #fillyourcup challenge? Space clearing, an energetic de-clutter, can transform a space from heavy and dull, to light and vibrant. If we consider that energetically, everything that happens within a space leaves an imprint, the energy within our homes directly impacts our sense of well being – including they way we interact and even our sleep. So you see, our surroundings are important, especially our homes, our place of refuge and respite.

So you’ll see in the pic above a few things – incense, flower essences and white sage smudge stick. There are many other methods such as bells or Tibetan bowls, crystals, even something simple like opening up all of your windows – that you can use either on their own or in combination. There’s lots of information out there on how to perform a space clearing, and that’s great if you’ve never done it before, but I find that as always, listening to my intuition is best – and it’s not something you can really get wrong.

Maryane x

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