#fillyourcup 2/21 Day Challenge

day 2








It’s day two of our 21 Day #fillyourcup Challenge. How did you go with yesterday’s challenge? Did you take time out for a cup of tea? Did you use the ‘fancy’ cup?

Today I’m taking you outside. I’ll admit that the beach will always be my first choice for outdoor activity. We’ve been very lucky in Melbourne this autumn to have some amazing sunny and warm days and yes, I have dipped my toes in that frigid water (oh yes, the water is ccccold) on as many of those days as I could.

Maybe the beach is not your first choice, or you live far from the water, maybe just stepping into your yard will #fillyourcup the trick with this one? It’s not about doing it’s about being. Go outside, to wherever makes you feel happiest, most alive, and JUST BE.

Maryane x

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