#fillyourcup 21/21 Day Challenge








Day 21  of our 21 Day #fillyourcup Challenge, it’s the last day – wow, that’s gone so quick.

How would it feel t do something nice for yourself, just because? Like buying a bunch of flowers (or bringing them in from your garden if you’re lucky enough to have them).

How would it feel to use your best china, on a Tuesday night?

How would it feel to wear your fanciest underwear to the supermarket?

How would it feel to take yourself out on a date to the movies?

How would it feel to take yourself on a mini retreat?

How would it feel if you did something ti fill your cup, right now?

The point here is to not hold off on doing what makes you feel good, to not wait for a special occasion, to not wait until you are so depleted, burnt out, that you can’t get out of bed.

The time to look after yourself is now. Fill your cup and keep filling it until it is overflowing. When we keep giving from our own cup, our cup cannot remain full. When we give only from the overflow, then our cup can never be empty.

Maryane x


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