#fillyourcup 21 Day Challenge

Everyone loves a challenge, right? Or is it just us ‘A’ types?

Well this is the sort of challenge that we could all do with. (Especially the ‘A’ types!)
#fillyourcup SIGN
So, what does it mean to Fill Your Cup, and why would we need to? Well, I don’t know about you, but I am AWESOME at giving, at putting everyone else’s needs before my own.

I’ll be honest, this has been a life long pattern for me. Giving to jobs and bosses when I had them. Giving to my students and clients in my own business. Giving to family and friends. Giving to my child.

When did I give to myself? Well here’s the thing – I’d often be too tired, depleted, sick – my adrenals pushed to burn-out, (and while I’m being honest, cranky, so cranky)…….. to give to myself.

So when our bodies get to the point of exhaustion, we often have no choice but to stop and rest Рor recover. Sound familiar?

So, do you see what the problem might be with this pattern? Besides the obvious damage to our health, when we give from our cup, rather than fill our cup, we are eventually unable to serve anyone!

I knew this, yet I continued in the crazy pattern of go go go – crash. Until one day something clicked – I needed to fill my cup to overflowing – and ONLY give from the overflow!

And so this challenge was born. Join me for 21 days, I’ll be sharing photos and tips on how you can fill your cup. I would also LOVE to hear how you keep your cup overflowing!

Starting Monday 18th May, I will be posting here and you can also follow me on Instagram for daily tips and pics (you can even post your own #fillyourcup photos and tips)!


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