February Oracle Crystal Grid Reading


February and Flying Dreams!

Hey there Goddess,
have you settled in to 2015 yet? Have you noticed the cracking pace? Does it make you feel all worked up or are you flowing with ease? Here is your February forecast, and you can have a look back on January here and the overall theme for 2015 here.

Astral Travel
Apophylite clearly defines the boundaries of the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of self, presenting paths between them for easy healing, added integrity, and mastery of those levels.Pay close attention to you dreams, if you have not been dreaming, or remembering your dreams, that is about to change. Keep some paper and pen by your bed to write your dreams down as soon as you wake.
Keywords: Astral Travel, Pyramids, Dreams, Flying Dreams, Pegasus, Spirit to Physical Connection, Makes clear the Paths between Levels of Self, Channeling

Past Life Embrace
The energy of this stone is deeply strengthening, grounding and stabilising. Pay close attention to your dreams and any messages you are getting. This is a good time to take the time to discover the important things in life, discerning them from things that are out of your control. Such realisation simplifies life, reduces stress and allows progress.
Keywords: Past Life Embrace, Lessons behind Illness, Stress, Worry, Choice to Excel, Stabilisation, Grounding, Vitality, Spiritual and Business Success, Shamanic Practice

How do you incorporate calm into your daily life? It can be pretty easy to create calm, just stopping for a few moments and taking a few conscious breaths can instantly calm you, Of course there’s yoga, meditation, getting out in nature, journaling, creating – anything that really draws you into the present moment.

Quiet Time
Take some quiet time alone to rest, meditate, and contemplate.
Card Meanings: Go on a retreat – Listen more and talk less – Avoid loud noise and sounds – Meditate – Surrender mind chatter to heaven – Know that you’re more sensitive to noise now

Don’t forget to look back at January here and the overall theme for 2015 here


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