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Sacred Truth Immersion

January 1, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Sacred Truth Immersion 1st January 2016

Dear Beautiful & Soulful YOU

This is a love letter to the Hearts of All Women.

A call to join a very magical circle on the 1st day of 2016, for those who resonate with learning and experiencing the deep healing that Spiritual Truth can bring.

  • Do you hear your spiritual Self stirring?
  • Would you like to do something different and special on New Year’s Day?
  • Are you keen to start 2016 off with a brand new perspective?

You’re interested in spiritual topics, and you’re already somewhere along your spiritual path

BUT…Perhaps you feel a little icky when you hear words like Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine or Divine Mother/Father Principals?

Or feel funny about the idea of your own inner Divinity?

Maybe one or more of these ideas feels foreign, disconnected and not relevant to you? Or even *GASP* triggering?

Hey love, you’re not alone there!

I’ve gotta tell you… whenever you feel strong reactions to an idea, words or people, that’s a good place to look at for doing some healing!

Why? Because feeling triggered takes up our time and energy, leaving us less than free.

Every time we defuse the stress we hold around various ideas, we gain more freedom, vitality and wellbeing in our lives.

Many of us not only feel out of alignment with our own Divinity, but we’ve had less than stellar male/female and/or mother/father role models in our life.

OR we find these terms polarizing instead of unifying.

So attaching the idea of Divinity to any of them can feel less than awesome.

Would you like to turn that around?

So you feel connected and empowered on an every level of to the Divine Masculine/Feminine?

So you can join the dots between yin/yang, masculine/feminine, mother/father energies and have them feel like a unified, whole, delicious and divine part of YOU?

To feel like you’ve integrated these energies as part of who you are as a human being?

It’s exciting and deep spiritual work, but it doesn’t have to be hard work!

What if it was fun, inspiring and uplifting?





Explore Your Inner Spiritual Truth with Maryane & Amanda

Maryane and Amanda have created this immersion out of love and respect for the different spiritual paths we all take, and a desire to help you connect more deeply to who you really are.

In an energising, playful day of introspection, inner work and sacred ritual.

Limited to 12 Goddesses only!

Location: Maryane’s home studio in Mount Waverley, which is a 17 minute walk from Mount Waverley train station (address provided upon booking). There’s plenty of street parking if you’re driving.

On 1/1/2016 (an 11 Master Day), Day of Sapphire (Spiritual Truth), we will align ourselves with these incredible energies to seek deep healing and connection.

Amongst an intimate group of like-minded women, you’ll balance and integrate your connection to the Divine Masculine/Feminine, using the tools of:

  • Kinesiology
  • The Liquid Crystals
  • Flower Essences
  • Gentle Yoga, Meditation & Guided Visualisation
  • Journaling
  • Fire Ceremony
  • Channeled messages
  • Story Telling

Yin and Yang. Masculine and Feminine. Isis and Osiris.








We all know these words. We’re bombarded with messages about what is and isn’t masculine vs feminine.

The world has gone through cycles of imbalance between these two aspects.

However to find balance and healing in the bigger picture (macrocosm), we each need to journey inwards (microcosm).

We must become whole and complete as our own microcosm first.

So our seeking must be towards our inner masculine/feminine imbalances, before we can create true and lasting change in the outer world.

This immersion is for women who…

  • Would like to relax and enjoy a beautiful and sacred day of ceremony, introspection, and connection with like-minded souls
  • Are aligned with (or would like to be) their inner Spiritual Warrior and/or Truth Seeker
  • Are already on their path who’re interested in uncovering spiritual truth and what it means to them
  • Love learning, personal growth and are ready to expand their spiritual understanding of the universe!





What to bring

  • A plate to share for lunch (salads, tea and coffee will be provided)
  • A sacred object for our workshop altar
  • Your water bottle
  • A blanket or shawl

What we’ll provide

  • Lunch basics for both vegies/vegans and meat eaters (salads, an organic roast chook, tea and coffee)
  • Lovely purple notebooks and pens
  • Yoga mats and cushions


Limited to 12 Gorgeous Goddesses only! So book now to confirm your spot.

Please advise us of any food intolerances before the day!

For more information, email


Maryane’s home studio in Mount Waverley, which is a 17 minute walk from Mount Waverley train station (address provided upon booking). There’s plenty of street parking if you’re driving.

How much?

Early bird (closes 18th December):
Full price (from 19th December):
$145[stripe name=”Glow with Maryane” description=”Sacred Truth Immersion” amount=”14500″]

 Your Hostesses are Maryane and Amanda

Maryane Clemente

Maryane (of Glow with Maryane) loves seeing the transformation in women reclaiming their power on all levels. Opening themselves up, allowing themselves to be awesome. Because they are.

Combining her skills in yoga teaching, energy healing and a passion for The Liquid Crystals, Maryane believes in supporting women to find balance in their lives. Maryane wants to live in a world where women know their worth, feel supported and love their insides and outsides equally.

Amanda Roberts

Amanda (of Return to Source Wellbeing) is a Kinesiologist, Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Spiritual Coach and Story Teller.

Her mission is to help wake up light workers around the world to their true purpose and mission. She is passionate about helping all Beings see their full potential, and unwind and clear out limiting stories and beliefs that hold them back!

Amanda believes that each of us are simply diamonds in the rough, and using her skills as a highly intuitive healer she welcomes you to invoke your own curiosity and let your light shine. Amanda’s vision includes a world where emotional wellbeing is recognised with the same importance as physical and mental health.



Glow Studio
(provided upon booking)
Mount Waverley, Victoria 3149 Australia
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