Crystals; My Other Love

My love affair with crystals began well before I’d considered practicing yoga.

I knew right away that crystals were powerful tools. Up until recently I had only worked with them on a personal level, perhaps occasionally gifting a crystal to a friend if it felt right.

Crystals carry vibration, frequency, absorb and shift energy, they heal. They are as ancient as the earth.

Then I came across The Liquid Crystal Oracle and subsequently The Liquid Crystal Mineral Therapy and it not only cemented what I’d already learned but opened me up to a whole new aspect and even greater healing potential.

How do crystals heal?

Minerals are made up of elements, these elements are set aspects of earth that are identical regardless of where they are found in the Universe. Elements form minerals, which form the basis of nutrition and an important part of what we need to be healthy. These minerals are what we know as Metals, Crystals and Stones.

In theory, we should be able to receive a balance of these by interaction with nature as well as our food and water intake. However, it is not just the physical minerals and elements that are important to our health, it is also the colours, energies and geometries that the minerals contain and radiate that allow us to have true health on all levels.

These make their way into our bodies energetically, mainly via the Chakra system, and are then transported and held in the blood, which is a Liquid Mineral Matrix, until given a purpose.

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