Why nothing changes, and why that’s exactly what you want.

What? Yes.

I see it every day. People wanting things to get better, be different, but also you don’t want to make changes! I should know! I’ve been guilty of this too!

Even when I try to open up conversation about change, you know who responds? An handful of people that are mostly ok with change. You know, feel the fear and do it anyway. But that’s not most people is it?

Is it really better the devil you know? IS IT???
What would it take for you take action? Are you really waiting for everything in your external world to magically improve? Is that how you think manifesting works? Just wish it? NO!!! Manifesting requires not just mindset, but also action. Steps in the direction of where you want to go. This is not Disney.

What would it take? Or hang on….wait a minute….are you telling me that you are happy where you are? Or is the fear of the unknown so overwhelming that you are frozen?

What would it take?
Someone to hold your hand?
Support you?
Guide you?
Someone who has been exactly where you are right now , but has come out the other end, lighter, brighter, HAPPIER, empowered, free?

Are you waiting until you’re ready? Until all of the little pieces are in place? Until the timing or the situation is perfect?
Did you know that divine timing doesn’t care if you feel ready? And that you may NEVER feel ready?

So then.
What would it take?

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