Broken, Beautiful, and Perfect.





Are these three words you would normally put together? Definitely Beautiful and Perfect, right? Perhaps even Broken and Beautiful. But how about Broken and Perfect?

During a spontaneous trip to the beach today with my girl after kinder pick-up, we both defaulted to our usual treasure hunt…..she looking for feathers and I looking for shells.

When I noticed that there were not many shells, and that the ones that were there were mostly broken, I will admit I was a little disappointed. But what I could not ignore was that these fragments of shells that remained – were beautiful. So I started to pick them up anyway. Because, they were perfect.

So it’s easy to see the beauty and perfection in broken shells.
But what about in ourselves? We are conditioned to believe that anything less that “perfect” can not possibly be beautiful, that when we feel broken, we want to ourselves away.

Here are some things that I’ve learned about breaking, beauty, and perfection:
When we break, we are not broken and we likely don’t need fixing. Often the breaking is more of a breaking free, a breaking open. More light is able to get in, YOUR light is able to shine brighter too. It can be painful, difficult, and we may resist it. It may need time, and patience, but fixing it does not need. Think of the the butterfly breaking out of its cocoon. It’s hard, uncomfortable, and at first, not a pretty sight. But as it unfurls its wings and they begin to dry, we see the necessity of its challenges. See how perfect and beautiful that is?

Are you feeling less than perfect? Finding it difficult to feel your beauty? Yoga, meditation, Pranic Healing, and Liquid Crystals can help bring you back into balance and help support you through times of transition.

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