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close up of semi-precious gemstone crystals
Hey Beautiful Soul,

Welcome to the second installment of Crystal Healing Q and A! Hi Maryane, what’s the best use for amethyst? As I’m usually very drawn to that crystal

Hi Maryane, what’s the best use for Amethyst? I am usually very drawn to that crystal.

How stunning is Amethyst?! A member of the quartz family, Amethyst is one of the most abundant crystals on the Earth, which indicates its importance to humanity.

Amethyst helps the mind embrace the spiritual, brings a sense of peace, and self awareness. Helps improve self esteem and a sense of security, and life direction. Importantly, it is also a very calming stone, so a wonderful meditation crystal.

Great for headaches and insomnia. A powerful meditation crystal. It also (and this is the big one) teaches us humility.

Pairing it with Lavender essential oil works a treat too.

If you want to use it to work on opening the third eye chakra, I highly recommend vera cruz amethyst (very pale, comes from Mexico) as pieces from Brazil (where most of it seems to be from on the market) and Uruguay (the really lovely deep coloured ones) are best for the base chakra.

Totem animal is Goat. Baaaaa (sorry, couldn’t resist… cute are goats???!!!)


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